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Fiska helps you get all the details you need to onboard and manage your vendors & customers and helps you take informed and accurate decisions.


​We go beyond the basics to offer a holistic view of your business partners. Our KYC services include

Entity Registration Certificate
Obtain essential legal documents such as Shop Act Licenses, Partnership Registration Certificates, Trust Registration Certificates, Society Registration Certificates, and Certificates of Incorporation.

Tax Identification Numbers (PAN and TAN)
Ensure compliance with tax regulations.

GST Registration
Access GST details such as status, state, place of business.

Udyam Registration
Verify the MSME status in order to manage your payment cycles and avoid unnecessary dues.

Bank Account Details
Get verified Bank A/C details to ensure seamless transactions with your Business Partners.

Stay up-to-date with corporate filings and list of charges.

Owners & Key Personnel Information
Know the key decision-makers of your business partners along with the ownership structure.

Other Registration Certificates
Share registration certificates specific to your industry, such as FSSAI, Drug license, explosive license, VAT, etc.

Access Constitution Documents
Partnership Deeds, Trust Deeds, Bye-Laws, MoA, AoA, and LLP Deeds

EPF (Employee Provident Fund)
Access Verified EFP number and its status.

Group Companies and LLPs
Explore related entities.


Income Tax - Section 206AB & 206CCA
Monitor the tax filings of your vendors to understand the correct TDS liabilities and avoid unnecessary future liabilities.

Monitor and Track GST Filings to avoid denial of your GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Ensure EPF compliance in order to choose the best vendors for your long-term and/or large contracts.

Compliance Rating
Get a compliance rating that gives you an overview of the business entity's regulatory filings and obligations so that you can do business hassle-free and concentrate on the things that matter. 

Financial History

Audited Financial Statements
Access audited financial statements to choose better business partners.

Financial Rating
Get a financial rating and overview to understand the businesses' financial health and capabilities.

Analytics & Insights

Credit Period Optimization
Fiska evaluates all of the financial data points of a business entity to give you a indicative credit period  to be given to the particular customer.

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